I'm Lara. Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.

 As you travel through each section, I hope you are persuaded to book that shoot that has been on your mind and create some special memories.

One of my favourite aspects of my career is the sheer range of environments I find myself in. One day, I'm barefoot on the beach at sunrise, and then the next, I'm in make-up, doing branding shoots in a boardroom. I have met people I would never have crossed paths with otherwise. I have been privileged enough to listen to speakers at events that have given me fresh new insights. Of course, that excitement of being at a wedding or elopement will never, ever get old. I began my photographic career photographing weddings at The Rob Roy Hotel in Botha’s Hill many years ago.

I studied at the Durban Institute of Technology and have a Fine Arts degree and National Diploma in Photography. In the past, I have lectured at Varsity College, Damelin, teaching Photography, Composition, and Layout and Design. I also run private courses intermittently, depending on demand.

While there is a trend towards 'available light' photography, I offer a mix of both available light and studio light, depending on what the situation requires. This requires a certain amount of flexibility, as sometimes a client is set on 'available light only' when some fill-in light is required. At the end of the day, both creativity and technical ability are equally important. It is my job to obtain the best image possible within the constraints of the brief.

We all have different people who have the most influence on us - the unspoken sounding boards for ideas and unquestionable support. For me, it is my family  Without family, we have nothing. Your siblings are your first friends, and your parents will always be the sounding boards for advice. It is a privilege to watch my children see the world and experience things for the first time - often learning something myself through their interpretations   As much as I encourage others to have family shoots done regularly, this is also something I try and follow through within my own life - a walking the talk, if you will. I have done quite a few photoshoots of my own children, and whenever my siblings and parents are in town together, I make sure we all get together and have an updated family pic. In my experience, having regular shoots also takes the pressure off in a big way. If someone doesn't love the colour scheme we chose for this shoot, well, we'll choose something else next time. It means we can have more fun. You'll find that when you only do a shoot every 5 years, you play it safe.

Everyone wears a white shirt and blue jeans, again. Everyone is deliberately posed, and we often have a (rigid) checklist to work to.

I love doing my family shoots, and often get to watch families grow- and grow up. Whether we shoot in the studio or on location, I love finding the best way to capture the family members' dynamics.

There has been a marked increase in branding shots in recent times - I think lockdown has been a great contributor to that. Increasingly, people are working online, and require a relatable 'face' for their clients to see when they are unable to meet in person.

I am married to David Weeks, a fellow photographer, and we have two children, Broden and Bella. Despite having two photographers in the house, our children still do not smile on-demand, so please don't stress when yours don't either!

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